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Pets Honored and Remembered at CCPC Pet Memorial Sunday Ceremony

The attachment we form with our pets is remarkably strong, making their loss a uniquely hurtful experience. Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation has been providing comfort and compassionate care to families in the tri-state area for over fourteen years. Deb Chebatoris, owner of CCPC, knows the importance of a remembrance ceremony to assist human family members to deal with this huge loss. That’s one of the reasons she hosts the Pet Memorial Sunday ceremony each September.

Deb lost both of her beloved miniature schnauzers, one in May and the other in June of this year.

Wilson, at almost 17 1/2 years, was a much sought after grief companion, having assisted hundreds of families throughout the early stages of their grief. He was accompanied by his “brother” Colby, whose manner of assisting was merely being cute and cuddly.

“I know all the things to do to alleviate the dark cloud of grief that tends to hang over you once your pet is gone,” says Deb. “But I never expected the pain to be this intense and to last this long.”

Because she knows how her families feel when they are grieving a loss, she designed her services to address the needs those who are grieving.

Pet Memorial Sunday Remembrance Ceremony

The second Sunday of September was set aside as a time to remember our pets by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories. Deb has hosted a ceremony on Pet Memorial Sunday since 2005 for families who have lost a pet.

Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation will host its annual Pet Memorial Day remembrance ceremony on Sunday, September 8, 2018 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Melrose Cemetery in Bridgeville. Anyone who is dealing with grief over the loss of a pet is welcome to attend.

As part of the ceremony three speakers will discuss our relationships with our pets both before and after their death: “Our Last Moments Together”, “Our Grief Response” and “The Joy of Pets: Pet Parenting After Loss”. Pet owners in attendance are also invited to offer their own “Words of Tribute” which are read by the speakers as part of the ceremony followed by a release of white doves. Pets are permanently remembered in a video/slideshow called the “Tribute Scroll” created from families’ photos and tributes.

The gathering will be held under a tent in the cemetery (rain or shine). Light refreshments are served afterward as participants are invited to share the companionship and experiences of other families who are deeply grieving the loss of their pet. Kindly call Deb to RSVP by Friday, September 6 at 412-220-7800. For more information, please visit


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