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SINCE 2012

This venture was started because of our passion for the human-animal bond. We also wanted to let others tell their stories and provide the best information possible on caring for your pets.

Now we would like to extend our PetConnections network and an invitation to you to assist in continuing our mission.


"For most of us pet caregivers these days, our animals are not possessions but rather members of the family with whom we share our homes, our beds, and our lives. All living beings have in common the same life force or Spirit. It is very common for people to form strong energetic bonds with their four-legged companions."

-Dr. Doug Knueven, DVM, CVA, CVC, CVCH

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Carla Mader


PetConnections Publishes and Produces Shows with a MISSION - to lead, teach and promote wellness for pets and their people guardians!

Our team has a passion for the Human-Animal Bond and each member brings with them their own unique background.

We strive to promote our shelter partners and sponsors alike, with maximum exposure though integrative multi-media outlets with content and advertising with our publications, website and events.

We support local businesses and also assist local non-profit businesses for pets and people, through donated, sponsored and discounted ad campaigns, sponsoring events and feature articles.

Carla Mader


Founder and CEO of Pittsburgh PetConnections Magazine, LLC., Carla has over 25 years experience as a veterinary specialty technician and in veterinary hospital administration.  In 2014 she was named one of First Commonwealth Bank's Women of the Year.  (Click here to read the article.)

In 2010, Carla founded HAAWC, the Human-Animal Advocacy and Wellness Centers, Inc.  HAAWC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, registered with the PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations and tax exempt.  The foundation is currently in the process of programmatic development and will focus on animal assisted activities and programs which assist both people and their pets.  Please visit the HAAWC website at www.haawc.org for more information.

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