Pet Connections


The Black Prince The Black Prince Of all the live-bearing fish available in the hobby, no other species is revered more than Characon audax. C. audax (also known as the Black Prince) is a species of splitfin goodeid endemic to isolated locations in the Upper San Pedro Mezquital Basin of Durango in North-Central Mexico. These […]

Who Cares

An Introduction into Conservation For many of us involved in aquarium societies, BAP, or Breeder’s Awards Program; is well-known for encouraging the proliferation of aquarium species to share with other hobbyists in our communities. However, many may not be familiar with an international program that encourages the participation of local aquarium clubs and their members. […]

Xenotaenia resolanae: The Leopard Goodeid

Xenotaenia resolanae is a splitfin livebearer endemic to Mexico in the regions of Jalisco and Colima. Their habitats consist of murky streams filled with silt and mud with little vegetation. These fishes can be found at a dept of 3 feet or more with water temperatures between 73-78 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the continued degradation […]