Pet Connections

First Match for Pets for Vets Pittsburgh

By Kellie Roberts, Director of Placement Services With an enormous smile on his face, Retired Army Sergeant Donald Borland greeted Louie, a 2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier for the first time. Louie returned the sentiment with a wag of his tail, not knowing how much this moment meant to Don. It all started seven months before […]

Foxy Roxy & Greyson, the Italian Greyhounds

Jason Dunkle and his fiancé Mona Gray know what it’s like to have models in the family. It’s a busy life, with photoshoots, lots of clothing changes and exotic locations. But it’s worth it, because not only do the models love the attention, they donate all the money they earn from selling their photos to […]

Filling Voids and Offering Safety Nets

Everyone finds themselves in a pinch now and then. Sometimes that pinch feels a lot more like a vice clamping down on your ability to keep heat on in the house or even to put food on the table – or in your pet’s bowl. That’s the core reason we’re so excited about our new […]

Parrotlets: A Small Parrot with BIG Personality

By Edward R. Moats Over my many years of working with companion birds, no other species of parrots has captured my attention more than Parrotlets. What are Parrotlets you ask? They are a group of small parrots ranging in height from 4.5 to 5.5 inches tall that inhabit neotropical forests and jungles in South America. […]

Nutritional Supplements: Introducing the Super Foods to Your Birds

Every pet parent understands that in order to provide the highest quality of health for our pet we must feed a nutrient dense diet. In a past article ( JAN/FEB 2018 Vol.6 Issue 3 ), I touched base on the importance of providing nutrient dense fruits and vegetables in your parrot’s diet. I also mentioned […]

The Foraging Plate

Introducing New Foods in Your Bird’s Diet. Quite often when I am consulting with pet parents regarding their bird’s nutrition, there always seems to be a series of questions that are on their minds. “How do I get my bird to try these new foods?” “Do I remove their normal diet and offer the new […]

Galvanized Cages: Understanding Zinc Toxicosis (Brooke’s Story)

Everyone wants the very best for their pet. And that includes having a cage large enough to sustain the comfort and health of our birds. In hard economic times, pet parents are looking for ways to save money on the equipment needed to house and maintain their pet(s). However, a word of caution to those […]

Unraveling Avian Nutrition

By Edward R. Moats What are the best nutrient dense foods that I should feed my bird? A question that sparks much controversy in the Avian world. “Feed this.”, “ Don't feed that.” It can confuse any pet parent searching for the best foods to feed their companion. In this article, I will discuss this […]