Droopy Basset Hound Rescue

Need a little (or a lot) of love? Laughter?

Spend some time with a Basset Hound and you will soon begin to appreciate the unique characteristics of the breed.  Bassets have long reigned supreme as the clowns of the canine world, waddling along, tripping over their ears, and using their sad expressions to coerce their humans (aka foodslaves) to do their bidding. While watching their antics brings many smiles and frequent outbursts of laughter, their smooshy faces and  engaging personalities also make them one of the most lovable beasts you could ever hope to share a couch with. And you will share that couch- Bassets appreciate their creature comforts and will quickly let you know if you are slacking off in the Basset spoiling department.

Bassets are great family dogs, and tend to get along well with people and other pets, and fit in to many different types of households. Bassets aren’t for everyone though- a sense of humor is an absolute must, and potential adopters must be prepared for the stubborn nature, shedding hair, big bark, and occasional slobber slinging that their Basset bundle of joy will also bring into their lives. Droopy Basset Hound Rescue of Western Pennsylvania can help you find your new best Basset Hound friend.

Droopy Basset Hound Rescue began over twenty years ago with just a few volunteers accepting Basset Hounds from shelters and owners who could no longer keep them.  DBHR has grown into a network of volunteers and foster homes throughout Western PA all working together to help Basset Hounds in need of new homes.  DBHR provides all necessary vetting for their Bassets, including vaccinations, heartworm testing, and spaying/neutering prior to adoption. DBHR is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit  all volunteer organization dedicated to saving homeless hounds and finding loving, stable homes for them.  Information on the adoption process,  becoming a volunteer or how to donate is available at www.droopybassetrescue.com.

Slobberfest, held outside of Erie every July for the past sixteen years, is the main fundraiser for DBHR. Basset Hounds and their people come from all over to join in the fun and games and raise money to support the DBHR mission of rescuing Basset Hounds. Basset Hounds may participate in the games, which have included everything from Basset Hound Bowling, Counter Surfing contest, Bobbing for Biscuits, a Basset agility course, and many more. There are trick and costume contests, and lots of raffles featuring Basset Hound items for people to enjoy. There is a Bassetarian of the Year Trophy, an original Clanimalzoo sculpture valued at $500  awarded to the person who has raised the most money for DBHR, and the VIB (Very Important Basset) special ringside seating raffle. Slobberfest is truly a one of a kind event! Slobberfest closes with a Blessing of the Pets at the Rainbow Bridge Memorial, a wonderful way to end the day honoring Bassets attending the games, and those who are gone but not forgotten.

While all Bassets are wonderful, there is truly a special joy in adopting an older Basset Hound. DBHR’s seniors have predictable behaviors, are generally calm and low maintenance, and really appreciate a home of their own.  Seniors arrive confused and unsure- everything familiar to them is gone, whether they were picked up as strays, relinquished by owners, or had owners whose own aging left them unable to continue to care for their pets. Many adopters like the fact that seniors easily acclimate to their new homes, and don’t require as much training or work as a younger, more energetic dog. DBHR works hard to make sure that every senior has the chance to live out their years in a comfortable, home environment. Bassets that are not candidates for adoption due to their age or health remain in their foster homes, and are placed on sponsorship status.  Bassets for adoption or sponsorship can be seen on the available Bassets page on the DBHR website, and a link is provided for people who wish to sponsor one of DBHR’s golden oldies.

Droopy Basset Hound Rescue can be found on the web at www.droopybassetrescue.com. Interested people may also email at [email protected], or call at 1-888-9 GET DROOL. Like DBHR on Facebook to stay updated on available dogs and upcoming events!


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