Heart to Heart Communication with Pets

One of the most controversial topics surrounding our pets is animal communication. I remember when I first heard about the concept of talking to animals. I was a practicing neurologist, and an internist friend told me about a client whose animal communicator told her that her cat had pancreatitis. Boy, did my righteous indignation have a field day with that one! What nonsense, I thought.

Now that I comprehend the human-animal bond as an energetic force, and that we can translate that energy into a state of knowing, or even words, I understand it. Have I seen my share of communicators who are way off base? Sure. Have I witnessed what I believe is true communication? You bet.

My first experience with animal communication came years before I even understood what was happening. I had a patient named Bruce, who was a fabulous cat. Bruce had undergone surgery to remove a benign tumor from his brain. As do most cats with this procedure, he did very well. Unfortunately, complications occurred a few days later, and Bruce found himself fighting for his life.

Bruce’s entire medical team was giving it their best. I stayed with him most of the night and the following day, but I had tickets to a Santana concert that night. In my house, there are three spiritual holidays: Christmas, Easter and Santana. I knew Bruce was in the best hands in ICU, and a dear internist friend of mine was working ER that night and would look after him as well. I knew Bruce would be fine while I got some needed R&R, so I went to the concert.

During the entire concert, I kept worrying about Bruce, but knew that I would be checking on him after the show. After all, he was in great hands. All of a sudden, however, this intense, incredible feeling of peace came over me – a feeling that Bruce was fine and happy. At first I thought my intuition was telling me he had turned the corner for the better. Then I realized it might be something else. I looked at my watch – it was 10:15.

Later that night, when I walked into the hospital and saw the look on my vet friend’s face, I knew I was right. She opened her mouth to speak, and I filled in the words – Bruce had passed, right? What time, I asked? She said she wasn’t sure exactly – sometime after 10.

Now that I am an energy practitioner, and know that science has shown the energetic basis for all life, Bruce’s story doesn’t surprise me a bit. And we also know from science that matter and energy are neither created nor destroyed, they merely change forms. That means that life of all kinds is neither created nor destroyed, it always is. We and our beloved animals always are.

A dear intuitive friend of mine says that when animals pass, they go home, change clothes, and come right back. I wonder what Bruce is wearing now.


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