Sustainable Healing

So many people are having a rough time of it right now.  They are distracted, agitated, and nothing seems to be going their way. It’s no wonder, given the current events around the world.

All of us are affected by global atrocities, but most people are unaware of how deeply and instinctively we feel them, because we are energetically and spiritually linked to every human on the planet. What happens to others influences each of us on a quantum level. All creatures are connected, so when violence or illness tears at the fabric of a country, it rips into the core of our being as well.  Sacred souls all over the planet are experiencing extreme circumstances, opening deep, festering spiritual wounds, so that all may heal. It is imperative that we don’t allow any of their suffering to be in vain.

Each of us can support organizations that assist people and animals in need. I wish I could believe that digging into my wallet and sending loving thoughts was all that was necessary. If we are to have sustainable change, more is required.  I ask that you take a moment to reflect on life from a spiritual perspective. What is our own personal responsibility in creating the world’s tragedies? And what is our responsibility in transforming humanity?

Life is a duality — each situation holds both positive and negative circumstances. In the midst of every tragedy, the best and worst of humanity come out. Because we are all connected, and because small changes in a quantum field can have universal ramifications, we must look at both the positive and negative aspects of ourselves. It is only through self-reflection, increased awareness, and a gutsy commitment to change that humanity will create long lasting peace and prosperity.

The good news is that by being kinder and more courageous, each of us can positively affect a suffering child in Africa or the Middle East. The bad news is that by each of us being bitter and fearful, we strengthen suffering’s hold on them.  The same is true for every child in this country and around the world.

So after you have given the physical substance of money, I ask you to decide how you are going to spiritually contribute to healing this planet. Are you going to continue whining, being fearful, and blaming others for your circumstances? Are you going to learn from your own suffering and the suffering of others? Can you face that elephant in the room, or will you turn away from anger and fear?

There is no right or wrong answer. Life is about free will, and whatever you decide has value. If you begin by being honest with yourself about whether you can face your fears, you’d be surprised at how much more peaceful you will feel. What you resist persists. Acknowledge your fears, even if you can’t dwell with them for very long.

If you should choose to face your challenges, there’s good news. You don’t have to know how to overcome them, you need only intend to do so. Once the courageous choice is made, relax, open your heart, and ask for help.  It will come. Relief may be far more subtle than rescue workers pulling refugees into a helicopter, but it will be just as miraculous.


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