Ten Things You May Be Surprised to Learn About the Western PA Humane Society

Ten Things You May Be Surprised to Learn About the Western PA Humane Society


1. The clock is NOT ticking.

The adoptable animals in our shelter never have a time limit. Ever.  During their stay we provide love and enrichment, and make every effort to find them the best possible homes. When we become crowded, we work to find creative solutions such as recruiting foster families, partnering with pet stores to have our animals adopted through their facilities, and holding various promotions to encourage adoptions.

2. Our doors are open.

The Western PA Humane Society is an Open Door Shelter. That means we accept every single pet surrendered to us. We never turn away any animal because of breed, age, temperament or medical condition.

3. We are not affiliated with any other Humane Society.

We receive NO government funding. Many people contribute to national organizations such as the Humane Society of the U.S. and believe they are helping us. None of those funds come to the Western PA Humane Society because we operate as an independent organization not affiliated with any other group. Therefore, we rely solely on generous donors to help us do our important work.

4. The doctor is in.

There is a wellness clinic conveniently located at the Western PA Humane Society. Our caring veterinarians and technicians provide competitively priced routine checkups, tests, vaccinations, microchipping (for identification) and low-cost spay and neutering. We welcome all animals, not just those adopted from our shelter. To schedule an appointment, call 412-321-4625 ext. 274, or use the online appointment form.

5. We can bring out the genius in your dog.

Or at least good manners. We offer a wide variety of training courses designed to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, and help ensure that your dog listens and obeys. Most dogs are eager to learn, and training will keep their minds and bodies active. No matter what your dog’s temperament or personality there is a class that will meet his – and your – needs.

6. Animal advocates for 140 years!

Formed in 1874, the Western PA Humane Society was the area’s first animal welfare organization. That has given us a lot of experience and skill in providing compassionate care and services to the thousands of animals who enter our shelter every year.
7. Our adoption fees are a tremendous bargain.

For example, the $155 adoption fee for dogs age six months and older includes Spay/Neuter surgery, Distemper/Parvovirus vaccination, Bordetella and Rabies vaccinations, heartworm test, deworming and flea treatment, microchip implant (for permanent identification), and a dog training course. If purchased separately the total cost could top $1100.
8. We want you to visit us!

While you can browse adoptable dogs, cats and bunnies on our website – www.wpahumane.org – we encourage you to pay us an in-person visit to meet and interact with different animals. A pet is a serious commitment.  Because every animal has a distinct personality it’s important for you to spend time with one of our adoption counselors.By sharing details about your lifestyle and expectations for your new pet, you’ll be helping us to find the best match for you.
9. There is a Pet Supply Shop at the shelter.

Our onsite store offers a wide selection of pet care products. Whether you have a dog, cat, bunny or other small animal, the “Woof, Purr & Hop Shop” can meet your pet’s needs. From the highest quality foods and treats to training supplies, interactive enrichment toys, and apparel, we offer caring, personalized customer service.
10. Humane officers protect those who cannot speak.

The Western PA Humane Society’s team of humane police officers respond to complaints of animal neglect and cruelty with an approach of prevention through education. Our officers log thousands of miles every year on humane investigations, often saving the lives of animals. If you are aware of a situation in which an animal is being abused, please call 412-321-4625 ext 216.

Western Pa Humane Society
1101 Western Avenue on Pittsburgh’s North Side


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