The Art of Cat Consciousness

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”  ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Who can cast their eye upon a cat and not see poise, grace, calm and beauty?  From the tiniest kittens to the great jungle cats, we are transfixed by the sheer majesty of these creatures.  Cats deserve a special showplace all their own.  ZenCat Gallery is this special place.

“Dedicated to increasing positive visibility for cats through art and products that reflect their beauty.  Providing avenues for connection in the feline community.  And serving to support feline welfare.”  This is ZenCat Gallery: The Art of Cat Consciousness.

Being mesmerized by all things feline since I was a little girl, I sought to create something special to reflect what cats seem to signify —- graceful, flowing lines, a feminine essence, individuality and freedom of form and movement.  To me, cats signify art.  Art that evokes a quiet, yet certain sense of calm and consciousness.  Like Zen moments.

And so, in 2008, was created.  ZenCat Gallery is an online cat-themed and Zen style online art gallery, also featuring a signature line of ZCG products.  We showcase artists who also believe in ZCG’s mission of supporting feline welfare, as 15% of all artwork proceeds contribute to our Feline Assistance Fund (FAF).  ZCG has to date held 5 consortium art shows and two fundraisers supporting Alley Cat Allies (a national cat welfare education & advocacy organization), and the PetPromise “City Kitty” program (TNR, foster care, and a food pantry) for felines and their caregivers in the Greater Columbus area.

Another important mission of ZCG is to create community among cat lovers.  While dog people can connect via social outlets which include their dogs, cat people must venture forth socially without the security of holding onto a leash!  ZCG has a wonderful Facebook page which provides a forum for feline fanatics to connect and share.  Our fans also receive invitations to local ZCG events and social salons! Meeting at local cafes, we relax while participating in artful endeavors such as cat toy making, Zentangle drawing, jewelry crafting, and more.  Our salons provide an upbeat note for those otherwise involved in the more challenging aspects of feline welfare work.

To celebrate and honor NATIONAL CAT MONTH, ZCG is starting a NEW TRADITION! Why not begin every New Year in June?  Well we have by creating the ZENCAT CALENDAR of Calm & Consciousness (June 2015 – May 2016)!  This unique calendar features the artwork of Debbie Hicks with twelve yoga poses demonstrated by our very own ZenCat!  With peaceful background motifs, inspiring yoga quotes, feline holidays and amazing cat facts, this calendar is truly “the cat’s meow!”

We have also created a ZENCAT YOGA poster for all you yogis and yoginis, so you too can be as flexible as your cat!  Check us out at and become a ZenCat!


Meow, meow, purr, purr….

Gazing at a cat,

Her form itself the mantra,

Her purr is pure bliss.

~Victoria A. Vetere, ZenCat Visionary


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