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Healing with Divine Light and Love

It is interesting to consider the term “holistic medicine.” This is the name of a medical system that treats the individual as a whole – body, mind, and spirit. So, if we’re talking about “whole” with a “w” why is holistic spelled with an “h”?

It turns out that “holistic” is derived from the Greek “holos” which means “whole.” Holistic was applied to medicine by the American Holistic Medical Association. The founders of that organization chose the “holistic” spelling because they wanted to emphasize the holiness of the healing process. So, holistic medicine acknowledges the spiritual level of healing – healing from the Divine within. 

I believe that the bioelectric field is the manifestation of the Divine in the bodies of people and animals. The bioelectric field is responsible for the ability of the salamander to regenerate its limb when amputated.1 It appears to provide a template for the proper formation of this rather complicated structure with its blood vessels, nerves, muscles, bones, and other tissues. 

Research shows that the bioelectric field is also the template for the formation of the body in the first place. Although some think of the DNA as the blueprint of the body, in reality DNA codes for the cell’s protein building blocks and is little more than an ingredient list. When you consider that every cell of the body contains the same DNA code, the question is, “How does the brain know to form in the head while the liver forms in the abdomen?” It turns out that the body’s bioelectric field signals just the right cells to form in just the right places.2

The bioelectric field is responsible for the current of injury which is the flow of electricity caused by any cut or puncture wound to the skin. Because there is a difference in charge on the surface of the skin in relation to the subcutaneous tissue, any breach of the skin barrier results in this current of injury which is what simulates the body’s healing response.3

The Divine manifesting as bioelectricity is responsible for bodily development, regeneration, and healing. Holistic medicine promotes the use of prayer and positive intension for healing, but how might this work?

Research shows that people can influence the output of devices called random number generators.4 These machines electronically produce lists of random numbers amounting to a virtual coin toss. It turns out that when people were directed to project their intension to change the randomness of the outcome, there was indeed a shift in the readout. So, human intension can affect inanimate, electrical circuitry.  

Other studies involved two people: a sender and a receiver. They were put in separate rooms and the receiver was hooked up to a machine that measured the electrical flow on the surface on the skin. Then, at random times, the sender was told to intend to affect the receiver. Sure enough, during those periods, there was a measurable change in the receiver’s bioelectric field.5 Thus, our intensions can affect the bioelectric, Divine forces of another body.  

While many healing practices such as Healing Touch, Reiki, and Medical Qi Gong involve the idea that the healer channels energy to the patient, there may be a different way to think of how healing works. We know that every living being is full of Divine energy and comes equipped with the template for a perfect body. Perhaps healing is about using intension to acknowledge and awaken the Divine within the other individual.

I invite you to try the following practice. Start by getting into a meditative state. Then focus on your heart and generate the feeling of love from the center of your chest. See this love manifest as dazzling white light. Now call on your highest self and on the inhale silently say, “I am.” On the exhale claim your Divine birthright and say to yourself, “Divine Light and Love” as you feel the Light and Love expand to fill your body. It is as if you are exhaling Light and Love from your heart. Continue this process for as long as you like, further expanding your Light and Love and allowing it to fill the space around you and beyond.

As you continue with the affirmation, in your mind’s eye visualize the person or animal that needs healing. See them right there in front of you. Now shift the affirmation and on the inhale say to yourself, “their name is” and on the exhale, “Divine Light and Love.” As you exhale, see the patient’s body light up as if you’re blowing on a hot ember. Imagine that you are reminding the individual’s body, mind, and spirit of its Divine perfection. See it, feel it, know it. Repeat this for as long as feels right. Finish by gently bringing your attention back to yourself with the affirmation, “I am, Divine Light and Love.” End this meditative period as you normally would.

It is important to keep in mind that the “healer” is not actually doing the healing. As healers we are responsible for setting the intension and going through the process of our choice, but the results are up to the The Divine. So, do your thing and let go of the results. 

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