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As a Holistic Clinical Pharmacist, I am always looking for holistic and natural approaches to health for people and pets. CBD or Cannabidiol is the perfect natural cannabinoid supplement to compliment good lifestyle choices and the desire for quality of life.

CBD hemp oils have become more common and as mainstream products are being marketed to pet owners, you may ask, “Should I give my Pet CBD oil?”

My answer is a definite “Yes!!!…but” because not all products are created equally and there are some things consumers should be aware of before purchasing a CBD product.

The good news is pets can benefit from CBD in much the same way humans do. Our furry friends, as well as most animals, have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that is responsible for maintaining homeostasis or balance within the body – including regulation of the communication between cells, the body’s immune response, and autonomic functions like appetite, sleep, and metabolism. Basically, the ECS helps the body maintain itself.

Now you may ask,” How do I choose a CBD Hemp Oil product for my pet?”

First and foremost, you must buy the product from a reputable source. A reputable source is one that does third party lab testing on their finished products and can produce a Certificate of Analysis to prove that the products actually contain what is on the product labels. Since 2015 the FDA has sent warning letters to CBD manufacturers who claim there is more CBD in the bottle than there actually is. Up to 75% of CBD products were found in one study to be mislabeled and misbranded.

Our LabNaturals CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Oils have proven zero THC per third party testing, which makes them an excellent choice, especially dogs who are naturally much more sensitive to THC’s psychotropic effects.

Second, make sure to purchase CBD oil from a business with professional expertise in health, wellness, and supplementation. It is also important to have someone check your animal’s medications for potential interactions. Finding a pharmacist well versed in both CBD and pet medications is best to be sure that all information is accurate. We are animal Compounding Experts at Murray Ave Apothecary.

At LabNaturals CBD, we are pharmacists for humans and our furry family members and we have done our research into the exciting new world of CBD and cannabinoid supplementation. If you have questions, we will always do our best to answer them as completely as possible. We ensure the purity, consistency, and safety of all our products and compounds because that is exactly what you and your pets deserve.

Susan Merenstein, Pharmacist/Owner
LabNaturals CBD
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December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023