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Every year hundreds of Washington County companion and farm animals fall victim to abuse and neglect at the hands of their owners. Those that are lucky are rescued from their situations by caring individuals. The cost of their rehabilitation often runs into hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Washington County Animal Abuse Relief Fund (WAARF) was created in order to assist legitimate rescues and humane officers working in Washington County in paying for medical expenses incurred in the rehabilitation of rescued or legally seized animals.

WAARF also assists in helping with medical expenses for K9’s employed by law enforcement in Washington County. Both active and retired K9’s are eligible for funding.

After many years of failed attempts to create WAARF, our newly elected County Treasurer Tom Flickinger agreed to its creation. It is the goal of WAARF to help in the rehabilitation of those defenseless animals who have fallen victim to abuse and neglect.

WAARF is a newly created 501c3 registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State. The current board consists of County Treasure Tom Flickinger , County Commissioner Nick Sherman, Hal Kestler, Esquire, Daniel Kennedy County Information Technology and musician, Veterinarians Mary Ann Bender and Paul Volz and myself Faith Bjalobok Ph.D. Fellow Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and Founder of Fluffyjean Fund for Felines.

More information about WAARF can be found at or on face book. The board is committed to working diligently in order to be able to provide financial assistance to as many abused or neglected animals as possible as well as their K9 counterparts.

Faith Bjalobok Ph.D.


December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


November 21, 2023
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