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Hounds Town

Hounds Town is a 9,000 square foot doggy day care facility located in the strip. With 22 kennels, they can provide overnight boarding and several separate play areas for daycare, as well as a full service doggie spa. For Daycare, dogs are grouped in natural packs based on similar size and temperament, so bullies get to play with bullies and so forth.  “Dogs have no more than an average 5lb weight difference when playing, so you’ll never see a Great Dane playing with a toy breed,” says owner Joe Allbaugh. “We have our own toy dog area so they can be segregated from the others, and dogs can be matched by playstyle as well as weight.” Each group is supervised by a staff member for safety, and they have cameras on 24/7. 

Joe explained how all dogs, whether they are using boarding or daycare services, go through a basic temperament testing for safety. As long as dogs pass the basic evaluation, they are invited to participate in many of the canine services available. Joe explains that the evaluation is important to see where the dog would fit best and confirm that it won’t be aggressive towards staff or any other dogs there.

The folks at Hounds Town also have a special way to handle fearful and shy dogs by providing one on one sessions. “We have taken in several shy dogs and turned them into not so shy dogs” explains Joe. “We’ll get on the floor with the dog, make sure the dog feels comfortable.” As the dog progresses, they bring in one more dog at a time, or try the dog in small groups based on what the dog’s social needs are. Sometimes they stop at just one on one care if that’s where the dog is at, with no pushing to get the dog further along. Shy and fearful dog owners take note: no matter how much individual work they put in with a dog, the pricing is standard and there’s no extra charge!

Of course, sometimes people miss their dogs, so Hounds Town offers several options for lonely owners. They set up a private fb page where staff can add videos of dogs playing and post pictures. And if people need a more individualized check-in, “we’ve been known, from time to time, to text or email individual pictures and videos for a personal touch” says Joe.

Hounds Town offers everything from quick “exit baths” (a quick wash down) to Hydrosurge spa baths which include nail clipping or grinding and ear cleaning. How about a blueberry face scrub to treat your baby? And every dog can benefit from de-shedding, furminating and blow outs. They even offer a pet-taxi service.

If you are interested in learning more about Hounds Town, you can visit their fb page web site The fb page offers a friendly interactive appoint scheduler, along with videos and reviews. Or call Joe directly to schedule an appointment for a temperament test to see if your best friend wants to go on an adventure. Hounds Town – where the happiest dogs on earth go!

Bonus: Hounds Town offers Cat boarding! Purrington Villas is their full-service cat boarding section of the facility. Cats can relax in their specially designed, spacious and multi-leveled cat condos. Cats are centrally located in their own temperature-controlled space. 

Hounds Town – 3228 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 412-232 -5085


December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023