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Nose down. Ears up. Feet on the move.  Lots to check out! 175 acres of country paradise designed FOR dogs BY dogs… where dogs rule and can let go. The Getaway at Glen Highland Farm is the off-leash vacation destination for canines and humans to getaway together!

When searching for places that allow canine friends to come, you’re not always sure of what you’ll find when you arrive. It may be a location near a busy street or the space for your dog to run ends up being a postage stamp sized area of grass. Finding a safe place for you and your dog can be a challenge. Even designated “dog-friendly” hotels have many stringent rules that lead to an unwelcome feeling. 

Come to Glen Highland Farm for a vacation with your dog and you’ll discover a new definition of dog-friendly! Carole K., from Florida, says, “The great thing about this place: you can follow your dog, instead of your dog having to be leashed and following you all the time! My dog thinks it is heaven on earth, and I do too.” Danica and Carter B. from Connecticut agree, “Our dogs can just ‘be.’ They can run, swim, and sleep to their hearts’ content. It’s not just a vacation with our dogs, it’s a vacation FOR our dogs.”

So, pack up your pooch and head to upstate NY, far from crowded urban and suburban settings, imagine winding country roads leading you past farms and small towns. This  sprawling picturesque Farm has its roots in dairy farming but for the last 16 years has welcomed hundreds and hundreds of visitors, many returning year after year. Guests stay on-site to enjoy the property. Explore hiking trails through forest and meadows. Make your way to the spring-fed pond where dogs can wade in from the beach area or take a leap off the dock as you relax under the shade. Also, throughout the Farm property runs Butternut Creek with its babbling brooks and hidden swimming holes. 

Lodging options at the Getaway include full-amenity RVs, cottages, cabins and tents. The social hub of the Getaway is the dining pavilion – prepare meals over a wood burning fire and share a drink with fellow dog lovers. Friendships are made and often guests pre-book future visits so they can meet up again with their new friends. Says Dolores M. from New Jersey, a repeat visitor, “If you love doing things with your dogs, this place is for you.” 

Karl V. from Massachusetts says “The Getaway is the place to go if you are a dog lover. Our dogs don’t often get to be off-leash and they had a blast. The staff goes above and beyond all expectations you may have. We had an amazing time and made a lot of new friends. We can’t wait to come back.” placed the Getaway as a #1 destination: “The place we saw last summer that I’d most like to return is Glen Highland Farm. Buster and I could have easily spent a week exploring all 200 leash-free acres, splashing in the creek, and soaking up the sun from a hammock. Knowing that all of this goes to support Sweet Border Collie Rescue just adds to the experience.”

Lives are saved with your vacation dollars

Giving you and your dog a spectacular vacation is surely a bucket-list idea, but this Getaway comes with a special promise – to help save dog’s lives. The Farm is home to the largest, one-of-a-kind Border Collie rescue in the US, for dogs of all ages, needing a new home due to a poor fit, divorce or death in the family, or new living situation. Your vacation dollars help fund Sweet Border Collie Rescue. 

A USA Today poll ranked the Border Collie breed as one of the top 5 dog breeds euthanized due to behavior issues. Border Collies, with a heritage of herding sheep, are not easy for most people. In the wrong setting, this intelligent high-energy breed can resort to behaviors such car chasing and nipping when their mental and physical needs are not met and many dogs end up in shelters or worse. That is where rescue steps in – to date, nearly 3000 dogs have found new homes thanks to Sweet Border Collie Rescue. 

Getaway guests are welcome to tour the rescue facilities, walk dogs, play fetch games and of course, adopt. Getting a chance to meet some of the rescue dogs (as many as 45 rescue dogs are onsite) is a highlight for many guests. Joyce, from New York says, “I was thrilled to spend time with some of the rescue dogs. I loved taking them on walks and lavishing attention on them.”

Founders and husband/wife team, John Andersen and Lillie Goodrich, gambled their normal lives with their huge desire to help the at-risk Border Collie breed. Kind donors supported their rescue efforts, keeping the Farm’s gates open to rescue over 200 dogs a year. Adoptions are focused in the northeast region. Glen Highland Farm is recognized as the leading and largest Border Collie Rescue in the US. The combination of a good cause with a great dog lover’s vacation experience sets Glen Highland Farm apart as a must-see destination.  

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December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


December 14, 2023