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In Loving Memory “Rufus” Mader

In Loving Memory

“Rufus” Mader 



Rufus came to us through the veterinary clinic where I worked as a veterinary technician in Worthington, Ohio.  I was called in to work early Christmas Eve morning for an emergency C-section on a Bullmastiff. 

Rufus was one of only 2 pups born that day. His sister was small and fawn, but Rufus was big and a silver color. I found out later that his color disqualified him from the show ring.  After 4 weeks the breeder brought him back for vaccines and lamented that she could not place him in a good home. She asked if I was interested in taking him.  We had just purchased our first home and had only 1 pet, our cat Pistol.

So, at six weeks big Rufus, as we named, him topped the baby scale at 26 pounds. I fell in love and of course he came home with me!  He continued to grow rapidly, reaching 170 pounds.  At 16 weeks of age, Rufus was well behaved and especially after going off to boot camp training for 2 weeks. He quickly became the best friend for my 8-year-old son. 

Rufus wasn’t a hyper puppy at all, and would let a ball bounce off his nose rather than catching it, LOL!  He had many great qualities as a gentle giant and protector when he needed to be. Rufus was a great dog and lived a spoiled life. However, as in all giant breeds, his life was short lived.  We still miss him and know we will see him someday over the rainbow bridge. We love you, Rufie!

-Mom, Dad & Chaz


December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


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