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Limiting Beliefs VS. Choice and Empowerment

Limiting Beliefs VS. Choice and Empowerment

Judith Levy M.Ed., CEHP, RMT, ACC

Life and Couples Relationship Coach / Master Energy Practitioner

There is so much possibility beyond your limiting beliefs!

     One major difference between reality and a limiting belief is that one is true and one is not. In reality you have two arms, two legs and a head on your shoulders. What is not true is the belief that you are not enough, that you are not lovable or that you do not have the talent or skill to fulfill a purpose here on earth.  When one commits to doing personal work one inevitably bumps up against those sometimes deeply embedded beliefs that hold us back from being all that we want to be and and from accomplishing what we desire.

     There are limiting beliefs that are more surface than others but none the less negatively impact your daily personal or work life. For example, the limiting belief “I’ll never have enough time to get that finished, so why start”. Obviously this is limiting because if you continually tell yourself that you may as well not even start a work project because you will not be able to finish it anyway, you are not likely going to move forward professionally.    This type of belief can be dealt with by creating a plan and then executing that plan. By learning over time you in fact CAN complete projects with a bit of planning and with good self care, you can change that belief to something like; When I have the opportunity to create or accomplish something I desire, (here is new belief) “I can do it and look forward to doing it one little step at a time as I follow a scheduled plan”.

     For more deeply ingrained beliefs (but still not reality) like “ I am not enough” or “I will fail” or “I don’t deserve love or success”, one may not even be aware that this IS a belief. To some it feels like reality and so they live for years believing that the way they feel IS who they are.  Once they take the time to really look closely at the belief and ask “is this true”, they begin to see that in fact the limiting belief is NOT true! I mean really, do you think any of us is born to fail, or to be “not enough” or undeserving?? From my experience working with my clients, ALL limiting beliefs can be changed to an empowering forward moving belief that is also  true.

It is true also in my experience that those tenacious conditioned beliefs that have become part of us at a Cellular level, can take time to transform. How then, can one release and reframe those limiting beliefs that have you so very stuck in unproductive thought and behavior patterns? 

     In my practice, I have seen clients accomplish recreating their internal debilitating beliefs by following these steps. 

  1. TAKING THE TIME TO CREATE AWARENESS; you can change anything once you are aware of it!
  2. RELEASING the BELIEF FROM THE BODY USING A BODY CENTERED MODALITY (TAPPING). When a belief is very old, it becomes part of us and therefore addressing it also at a physiological level becomes necessary. It is easy to do and can be very efficient and effective.
  3. RECREATE A NEW AND TRUE BELIEF: I would never ask a client to lie to themselves but rather come up with “the truth”, a statement that is not limiting and is true may sound something like this: 

Limiting Belief:  I won’t be good enough

Rational Belief: I suppose for some I may not be good enough but as long as I give it my best, I can be enough for many, especially for myself.

Facing these hidden “demons” can feel horribly frightening BUT  I have never seen a person say it was as bad as they thought it would be. Once you are in the more positive belief state, you can shift the way you feel about yourself.

It is so rewarding to become the person who YOU can really accept and even love. I hope you will consider expanding yourself and transform in this way. What better thing can you possibly think of doing for yourself? You are so worth it—Whether you believe it or not right now. It IS your time to soar!

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December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


December 14, 2023