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Rivers Veterinary Urgent Care (RVUC)

Have you noticed how difficult it is to get an appointment with your veterinarian? Have you been one of that many that has waited more than 10 hours for your sick pet to be evaluated at the emergency hospital? You are not the only one. Veterinary medicine nationwide is reaching a critical point; there are not enough veterinarians to care for all the ill and injured pets. Imagine your dog has been hit by a car, and no veterinary practice will take you. Imagine if your cat has not eaten for a week and the next available appointment is more than 1 month away. These are scenerios we have been seeing constantly, and that is where Rivers Vet comes in.

Rivers Veterinary Urgent Care (RVUC) was established in 2021 to help fill the gap in the Pittsburgh area in veterinary medicine.  With the CoVID-19 pandemic, veterinarians were faced with an overwhelming insufficiency in emergency care and preventative care facilities.  RVUC provides the walk-in model of scheduling with immediate access to exceptional care. We provide appointments on Wednesdays for pets that have mild ailments, vaccinations or if you are looking to establish a relationship with a local, caring veterinarian. Our goal is to have a facility with not only scheduled appointment availability but also same day appointment access which makes getting your pet seen convenient and accessible. On certain days, we will even see exotic pets.

We are a female-owned and operated establishment, with the goal to further support our local community and other small businesses. Dr. Robin Dutra has 23 years experience in urgent care, emergencies and surgery. As a seasoned ER veterinarian, she has seen the field change, and knows what it takes to continue to provide the care that clients desperately need. Dr. Kristen Thornton has 9 years of veterinary experience ranging from urgent care to wellness care and holistic medicine. Our well-trained staff has been chosen selectively to emphasize the experience needed for high quality care and to embody the core values we want to portray.

We are taking both new clients and patients and welcome any appointment type. We do not ever want you to feel like you cannot get your pet medical help when the need arises. Rivers Veterinary Urgent Care is where wellness and urgent care meet. Visit our website for more information. Be sure to follow us on social media (@riversvetuc) for educational videos, new and cute puppy/kitty appointments and even behind the scenes photos. We look forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your furry family.


Dr. Robin Dutra and Dr. Kristen Thornton


December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


December 12, 2023