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Rocking Horse Stables

Rocking Horse Stables in New Sewickley Township is a full care boarding facility that offers training for all levels of riders, including a summer camp program.  They about host on average about 40 horses (including about 16 of their own) which are used for lessons that are offered 6 days a week. Classes range from wee ones to adults, usually starting around age 4 when the kids can pay attention and take direction. “Summer camps are great for the little ones, where they can learn basic skills and horsemanship while playing fun games,” says owner Adam Giannamore. “Our camp programs include daily riding as well as other group activities such as crafts and games.” He and his wife Kimberly developed the camp program, which includes learning about the equipment used, breeds and colors of horses, and names for the different type of facial markings. Each camp is a little different, so some kids sign up for more than one. A short but fun video and some pictures of previous camp activities can be viewed on their site. Note: This year’s camps are sold out, but keep in mind for next year! As for boarding, they are currently full but have a waiting list. Offerings can be found on their website at Or contact them directly at 412-601-4706


December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


December 14, 2023
December 12, 2023