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Sweet Mia

Mia was the softest and sweetest dog we ever had. She came from Boston Terrier rescue (NEBTR) 12 years ago and snuggled up to us the day she came home and never looked back. Loud noises scared her and she would hide whenever a sports game came on, especially the Steelers. Ever day she would do little dances when she knew it was dinner time or playtime. She would grab stuffies and shake them to bits but never chewed them up. Hard chews were for antlers and bully sticks. Mia loved kids and would be so gentle with them and give lots of kisses; my nephews couldn’t wait to see her during visits often running to her before they hi to me. She was so tolerant – she didn’t have any issues with going to the vet, riding in the car or occasionally dressing up. She had very long nails when she was rescued and would let us sand them down with a dremel, asking only for some kibble in between nails. Mia loved snacks but wouldn’t eat anything that got her nose wet. A few times we put down her bowl with some tuna oil or gravy but she just looked at us until we drained it for her. Mia got along will every dog she met but would strike like a snake if they went too far. It was strange to see her so intense but still so soft. Sweet Mia. We think about you everyday. Love.


December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


November 22, 2023