Pet Connections

Pets Honored and Remembered at CCPC Pet Memorial Sunday Ceremony

The attachment we form with our pets is remarkably strong, making their loss a uniquely hurtful experience. Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation has been providing comfort and compassionate care to families in the tri-state area for over fourteen years. Deb Chebatoris, owner of CCPC, knows the importance of a remembrance ceremony to assist human family members […]

Five Ways to Sneak Healthy Eating into Your Life

by Kristen Lane, Certified Health Coach You’re a responsible and loving pet owner, making sure that your four-legged buddy gets the best of care, including high quality nutrition. But what about you?  If you’re like most Americans, you rely heavily on food that comes in a can, box, or bag. In other words, processed food. […]

First Match for Pets for Vets Pittsburgh

By Kellie Roberts, Director of Placement Services With an enormous smile on his face, Retired Army Sergeant Donald Borland greeted Louie, a 2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier for the first time. Louie returned the sentiment with a wag of his tail, not knowing how much this moment meant to Don. It all started seven months before […]


The Black Prince The Black Prince Of all the live-bearing fish available in the hobby, no other species is revered more than Characon audax. C. audax (also known as the Black Prince) is a species of splitfin goodeid endemic to isolated locations in the Upper San Pedro Mezquital Basin of Durango in North-Central Mexico. These […]