Pet Connections

Holistic Tips for Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic renal failure, aka chronic kidney disease (CKD), can affect dogs or cats but is more common in cats. Over their lifetime, 1 in 3 cats and 1 in 10 dogs could develop CKD. It is typically seen in elderly animals and is usually caused by the wear and tear of aging, although diet and […]

Aromatherapy for pets

Aromatherapy literally means “treatment using scents.” This designation is a bit of a misnomer since the scent of the oil accounts for only part of its therapeutic effect. Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils for healing. Essential oils are volatile liquid plant materials that play a key role in the biochemistry of the plant. […]

Yours Truly & Grateful, Ruth Maloy-Carter

Integrative Veterinary Medicine involves the use of the most appropriate Western medicine techniques along with the best of what holistic medicine has to offer. In this way, the pet benefits from the best of both worlds! When I speak of using the “most appropriate” Western medicine techniques, I mean the art of choosing the right […]

The Art of Medicine

Medicine has been defined in Stedman’s Medical Dictionary as, “the art of preventing or curing disease; the science concerned with disease and all its relations.” So, according to this medical reference book, medicine is first and foremost, an art. This concept may feel strange to us modern Americans. We are all too familiar with the […]

The Grain-free Debate

By Doug Knueven, DVM, CVC, CVCH In July of 2018, the FDA released a warning to veterinarians and pet owners regarding a possible link between grain-free dog food and the development of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). The warning was based on reports from veterinary cardiologists who were seeing a spike in cases of DCM in breeds […]

Take a Bite out of Oral Disease

Oral disease is the most common affliction of dogs. Most dogs over the age of three years have some level of gingivitis or periodontal disease, which can lead to even more serious health concerns. Yet, most pet caregivers pay very little attention to their animal’s mouth. Sure, we notice the “dog breath,” but when was […]

Let Food be Your Pet’s Medicine

Holistic medicine sees wellness as a dynamic balance. It honors the body’s homeostatic processes that allow the organism to bring itself back into equilibrium. A holistic practitioner simply provides what is needed to nudge the body back to normal. In holistic medicine we see optimal health as something more than simply the absence of sickness. […]


The impact of proper nutrition on the wellbeing of any animal cannot be overstated. Nutrients interact with and modify molecular mechanisms in the body affecting all aspects the organism’s physiological functions. From the fields of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics we know that diet plays an important role in an animal’s phenotype and expression of health. Our […]

Vet Compounding and Acetyl-Glutathione for Animals

Murray Avenue Apothecary’s state-of-the-art compounding laboratory prepares innovative, economical, easy-to-use dosage forms for animals. Susan Merenstein, RPh/Owner of Murray Avenue Apothecary and LabNaturals, Inc. has over 40 years of pharmacy practice including pet therapies. Susan and her dedicated staff help veterinarians and animal care specialists solve a variety of medication problems including hard-to-find medications, custom […]

CBD for Animals

As a Holistic Clinical Pharmacist, I am always looking for holistic and natural approaches to health for people and pets. CBD or Cannabidiol is the perfect natural cannabinoid supplement to compliment good lifestyle choices and the desire for quality of life. CBD hemp oils have become more common and as mainstream products are being marketed […]