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(BCHS) Volunteer Foster Care Program

The Beaver County Humane Society’s (BCHS) Volunteer Foster Care Program provides temporary housing and care for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and small exotic animals who could use a break from the shelter or who aren’t quite ready for adoption. We need loving homes like YOURS to help these animals in need of a little extra time and care.

Foster Volunteer FAQs

What kind of animals need foster care?

Any animal is eligible for fostering. However, we always especially need foster homes for the following:

  • Puppies and Kittens under two months old
  • Mothers with nursing litters
  • Animals with medical conditions or injuries
  • Special needs animals
  • Animals who need behavioral management

Can I become a foster volunteer if I have pets of my own?

We welcome pet owners as foster volunteers. Please keep in mind that there is always a health risk when exposing your pets to other animals, in any setting. However, the risk is minimal if your pets are vaccinated and in good health. (PA State law states that all domestic animals must have a rabies vaccine.)

How long do animals need to stay in foster care?

Our animals love Daycations, weekend getaways, as well as a longer-term foster home. The typical foster stay is two weeks to two months, depending on the needs of the individual animal(s) in your care. The timeframe of each foster situation will be discussed with you ahead of time. If you would be interested in fostering, but could only foster one for a few days, contact us! Even a few days away from the shelter will benefit the animal.

What expenses are involved with foster care?

BCHS provides medical care for all animals in foster homes, including vaccination, medications, and spay/neuter surgery. We also provide food, enrichment information, and behavior counseling. Foster families provide housing, exercise, socialization, and lots of love for the animals in their care!

If you are interested in joining the Foster Volunteer Team at BCHS, contact the program coordinator at

About Beaver County Humane Society

Founded in 1950, the mission of the Beaver County Humane Society is to protect and enhance the lives of all domestic animals and to promote kindness and respect for all living creatures. Our vision is a community that supports a humane, sustainable, and compassionate environment for all animals. For more information about our programs and services, please visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

Nyla upon arrival to shelter

Nyla after returning to shelter from her foster home


December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023