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Beaver County Humane Society Offers Senior 2 Senior Program!

No matter what our age, a pet’s unconditional love brings great joy. As we age, we may have fewer opportunities to gather with friends and family. Thus, a pet’s companionship can increase the quality of our life because animals provide friendship and create opportunities for social interaction. Research shows that owning a pet reduces depression, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and helps people deal with loss/grief. The routine of caring for a pet gives structure and purpose to daily life and incorporates regular exercise into the day. Older animals are often a perfect fit for an older adult, as they are gentler, calmer, are usually house-trained, and understand basic commands. 

The Beaver County Humane Society’s (BCHS) Senior 2 Senior program is designed to match rescued senior animals with people over the age of 65. In today’s world, we know that there are many older adults who live very active, healthy lives and do not need any assistance with adopting a pet, accessing veterinary care, or affording all the things that go along with having a pet. However, we have also identified that some older adults may not be able to drive, may not have access to a computer, and may be on a limited income, all of which create barriers to pet ownership and/or care.

It is that last group of people for whom this program was designed. The Senior 2 Senior program offers a free adoption of a dog or cat seven years of age or older*, initial vet and dental care, a “senior welcome kit” which includes a collar, leash, toys, bowls, and a starter supply of food, and a phone number that the new adopter can call if he/she is having challenges getting the new pet settled into the home. 

Some adoptions may require a home visit by a BCHS staff member prior to adoption approval to ensure that the adoption will be successful for both the animal and the person wishing to adopt. 

If you are interested in participating in the Senior 2 Senior program, call 724-775-5801 and press 3 or visit 

We plan to add other services to the program with time and as we work with our new senior adopters to identify needs that still may be unmet. Stay tuned!

*BCHS cannot guarantee availability of a senior animal at the time the adoption application is submitted. 

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