Pet Connections

Remembering Aurelie

By Joanna Roberts

Aurelie (French for blond) started out her life in a pet store. She was purchased as a Christmas present for someone. Her pet parent came to realize that she didn’t like other dogs.  And they sadly surrendered her to a French Bulldog Rescue. When I saw her on the rescue site with all her pictures and videos, I knew she was the girl for me. My life hadn’t started out so great either and I knew I had to give her a chance.

My sister and I drove from Boston to Pittsburgh to meet her and we were inseparable right up until the end. She loved car rides and would sit quietly on the seat just like any other passenger casually looking out the window. She didn’t really like to go potty outside and would sometimes hold it for hours to avoid it on rainy days. I bought her a matching raincoat and boots.  But it didn’t seem to help. However, when she would meet new people, she wouldn’t stop wiggling and wagging like they were the best thing that ever happened in her life.  It was her superpower. And everybody felt special when she greeted them.  I got my share every night when she would snuggle up on me and bury her head under my chin while giving a million kisses. She loved to play with toys and let me dress her up like a princess. 

We had a lot of good years.  She was my comfort on bad days.  I could always count on a kiss good night. She liked being the center of attention.  But had enough manners to visit with other dogs on our walks. She did not like to share with “lesser” dogs.

She was a healthy French Bull Dog. And never needed more than regular vet visits. Then one day she didn’t want to eat and seemed to be sad and not having her usual spark. We went to the vet and found out she had an aggressive cancer. She didn’t respond to any treatment and was gone within 2 weeks. Even though she was old for her breed, it felt so sudden. Everything reminds me of her still.  Opening the top cupboard where I kept her treats and remembering how she used to come running to see if it was treat time. The little rug by the door where she used to sit and wait for walks.  Waking up and seeing the alarm clock instead of the top of her little blond head.

I try to think of all the happy times with her.  And even though everyone thinks this, I know I had the best dog ever. In my dreams, she still runs up to greet me when I come home.  And sometimes in bed, I can almost feel her snuggling right under my chin.  I love you Aurelie. See you on the other side.


December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


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December 14, 2023