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Lucy Deucy

Lucy was a scruffy ball of cuddles since the day we got her. She was running in the streets, dirty and matted. She didn’t have any tags and we couldn’t find an owner so we kept her. My husband didn’t think he wanted a dog but he was wrong. He started sneaking her treats and I would hear him talking to her when he thought nobody was listening and they would watch sports together. She knew all about defense and kick off returns and why some teams stunk. She my baby too and loved to cuddle under the covers when I read in bed at night. She was very diplomatic and shared her time equally with us, not coming to either of us when we both called her name. She loved walks and squeaky toys, and lived in our hearts from day one. One day she didn’t seem like herself and we took her to the vets. She had cancer and we couldn’t do anything for her. I love her so much and still cry when I think about her. I miss her and love her. There will never be another dog like our Lucy Deucy.

Helen Allen


December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023


November 21, 2023