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Tahlula Savko

8 years of chronic ear infections and 1 year of licking at rear end GONE after working with Dr. Savko.

Tahlula was 8 when we first saw her.  The family had already made significant dietary changes with minimal results, as ear infections can be caused by food allergies.  NOW She no longer has severe or chronic ear problems, nor does she lick at her hind end.

Usually in CHRONIC ear infections, it means that the body is not working right, not just that the ear canal got a contaminant inside of it.   There are nerves that come out of the upper neck/skull area, and also nerves that wrap onto the head and face that control the ears and the eyes.  If those nerves are irritated, they can cause whatever they control, i.e. the ears and eyes, to not work right, in this case allow the germs to WIN every time.  Tahlula had nerve interference on her cranium, face, and upper neck, when we removed it, she got better.

The same goes for her licking at the rear end.  Often times when an animal licks at something, it is their way of nurturingthat area, to try and make it better.  She may have been feelingsome sort of sensation down there, and was trying to literally lick it away.

Tahlula had massive muscle spasm in her low back and pelvis, as well as moderate neurological interference, and when we reduced that tension and static, she stopped licking!

We did have some ups and downs in the beginning as the body got used to our reprogrammingbut as of now she is on maintenance and holding well.  

What a relief to not see your loved one suffering.  What a relief to not have to give meds that weren’t really helping, but sure were causing side effects in the body.  What a BLESSING to be healthy! 

Healing, not just treating!


December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023