Pet Connections

Pets Honored and Remembered at CCPC Pet Memorial Sunday Ceremony

The attachment we form with our pets is remarkably strong, making their loss a uniquely hurtful experience. Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation has been providing comfort and compassionate care to families in the tri-state area for over fourteen years. Deb Chebatoris, owner of CCPC, knows the importance of a remembrance ceremony to assist human family members […]


Dear ZouLou: When I went to the garden yesterday, I felt you in the sudden gust that rang only the wind chimes next to me. You’re playing your clown games in the woods there. Making noises and calling out to the dogs walking the trails; I see them stop and stare out into nothing. Oh, […]

Remembrance: Gidget

Thirteen years. It was a lifetime. Yet it went by so quickly. Your triumphant, sassy spirit was infectious. And with it, you conquered your world. And me. And daddy. And all who entered your orbit. You had the world wrapped around your paw. That spirit that crashed into our home on a cold, snowy Sunday […]


Amy Trotter Turner believes that her little french bulldog, Mahalo, has fulfilled his mission. He provided her with the love and comfort she needed since since her other frenchie, the sweet Aloha, passed in August 2019. Every morning he greeted her with love and kisses as she helped him with all his special needs, such […]


Saying goodbye forever to your pet is never easy but knowing that we gave him a life full of love and happiness, as he did for us, helps to ease the pain of his loss. We love you Koby!❤️

Lucy Deucy

Lucy was a scruffy ball of cuddles since the day we got her. She was running in the streets, dirty and matted. She didn’t have any tags and we couldn’t find an owner so we kept her. My husband didn’t think he wanted a dog but he was wrong. He started sneaking her treats and […]


About 13 years ago we lost our quiet, gentle, rescued collie.  At that time, my husband and I didn’t want another dog.  After six months of resisting the thought, we decided to move on and started looking for a little dog with short hair. As a volunteer that bathes incoming dogs at a shelter, I […]

In Loving Memory “Rufus” Mader

In Loving Memory “Rufus” Mader  1995-2004   Rufus came to us through the veterinary clinic where I worked as a veterinary technician in Worthington, Ohio.  I was called in to work early Christmas Eve morning for an emergency C-section on a Bullmastiff.  Rufus was one of only 2 pups born that day. His sister was […]


We lost our beloved Pookie last night. He was 16 and suffered an awful seizure that would not stop. We rushed him to the ER vet. He was so weak. He passed peacefully in my arms on Boogie’s birthday. We rescued this needy little man at the age of 13. Pookie was blind, deaf, unwilling […]

Cuddles Holmes

My Dearest Cuddles, I miss our walks together. I miss having you run to the door when I come home from college. I miss you sleeping at the top of my head at night. You will always be my BIG C ! It was an honor to be your Girl, Let’s sing Happy Birthday –  […]